High Resolution sample: 
24" x 18 "; 62 x 45 cm

Product description:

this subtle Ketuba is on acid free paper tinted the colour of parchment which shows its themes to delicate but rich effect: joined rings and the never-ending knot interspersed with joyful floral bands. The Seven Species (vine, fig, wheat, barley, pomegranate, olive and palm) form part of the outermost illumination. 

Birds perch on the two floral vines which symbolise the bride and groom joined through their wedding and recorded on their Ketuba. In the lower left-hand corner a bee pollinates the flowers.
At the top of the Ketuba the Menorah represents symbolically the continuity of Jewish tradition. Just beneath it are the words: Ani Le Dodi Ve Dodi Li ('I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine') from the Song of Songs. Other quotations are from the Book of Proverbs.