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22"x 18"; 57 x 48 cm

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This elegant, joyful and intricate papercut ketuba is the most recent addition to the Judaica collection. The theme of Love relates to The Song of Songs where human love is analogous to divine love. As in the Song of Songs where human love and harmony imply a balance between humanity and our creator, here the themes are drawn from nature, demonstrated in balance but not necessarily in mirror symmetry.  The words I am my beloved and my beloved is mine crown the pomegranate tree at the centre. To either side of the tree are two deer.


In the third border out from the text the Seven Species feature in larger format than in the earlierPapercut Ketuba.


In the band immediately above the text the word Ahava (love) appears in papercut filigree.


The outer crennelated border of oak leaves is a symbolic blessing of strength, longevity and continuity.


Available in all texts: RCA Orthodox; United Synagogue; RCA + English; Conservative; Reform (Egalitarian Hebrew/English); Israel Reform; ULPS; Blank (write your own).